Step one step down into Meursault, a wine and cheese cafe on Broad Street, and you will be reminded of your last trip to France! Meursault, which opened summer of 2014, provides a lovely setting for a light meal – perfectly paired wines, cheeses and charcuterie – and a nice alternative to traditional multi-course dinners.


At Meursault, cheese, Catalan almonds and Marcona almonds


Meursault on at 18 Broad Street

The menu is definitely non-traditional  with the choice of three items – from the selection of cheeses, olives, almonds, charcuterie – for $15. On both of our visits, the servers were extremely knowledgeable and guided us as we chose from the wide selection of domestic and European cheeses…Middlebury Blue, Pecorino Tartuffo, Manchego al Triago…and suggested perfect wines to accompany.  Each serving is beautifully arranged and presented on a slate accompanied by a bit of fig jam and an abundance of fresh and thin baguette slices.

The restaurant is located in the lower level of 18 Broad Street just around the corner from the Brass Lantern , with worthy restaurant neighbors, Dune, Le Languedoc and the Brotherhood of Thieves!  The ambience is romantic, the setting authentic and the food delicious and a great choice for a light supper either on its own, or before a performance at the Theatre Workshop or at The Dreamland, all just a short walk away.  Aahh – life on Nantucket!