Despite its impressive demonstration and teaching kitchens, with gleaming stainless equipment on every wall and the latest in demonstration technology, the Nantucket Culinary Center‘s mission is to teach regular people to cook for themselves and has a variety of courses to do just that.

Nantucket Culinary Center

Everybody pitches in at cooking class.

In Partnership with Sustainable Nantucket

Starting with very young cooks, Chef Greg Margolis has partnered with Sustainable Nantucket to come up with a series of courses to teach cooking to children with the “Farm to Fork” series.  This series with teach children 7 – 12, where food comes from and how to eat sustainably, with classes about root vegetables, how to make delicious smoothies with locally available berries and how to make desserts that are a bit healthier.

Cooking for You and Me

Everyday Dinners for Everyday People is a hands-on learning class where everyday people will work with Chef Greg to prepare several simple meals that you can make anytime during the week, quickly and easily. Students will take home recipes and samples of the food prepared during the class. (I am taking this course on Saturday and will report back on my experience.)

Let’s Get Technical


The Culinary Center is beautifully designed and the perfect place to hone your cooking skills

Those who want to ‘start from scratch’, can sign up for the Knife Skills class where they will learn the basics of slicing, dicing and chopping. Each person will get a chance to slice and dice their way through a variety of vegetables and proteins while testing different knives and learn knife safety, sharpening, and proper care.

A Fun Activity for Groups, Families

The Culinary Center has a beautiful private dining room overlooking the Town, seating up to 14.  You can plan a great group event for your wedding party, your family reunion or your next off site meeting – a group cooking class for a multi-course dinner and then move into the private dining room to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

The Nantucket Culinary Center is located just down the street from the Brass Lantern and will surely provide our guests with  new options for things to learn and things to do while on Nantucket!