Nantucket is its own little world – one of the neat (or, most of the time neat) things about living here.

One of the ‘own little world’ aspects is weather… I am not a weather geek – so the following observations are simply based on having lived on Island for thirteen years.

Foliage and Unitarian Church Dome

Nantucket is a small land mass surrounded by water.  The water warms up all summer and, in September, October, and sometimes, even into November, the surrounding warm water keeps our weather mild, our gardens green and blooming and the leaves on our deciduous trees, green, for the most part. The flipside is that it takes longer to warm up in the springtime – but that is good for our millions of daffodils!  Heads’ up – Daffodil Festival is April 26-28 this year.

We are far enough from the Coast so that our days, in the summer, are about 10 degrees cooler than the mainland, and in the fall, can be 10 degrees warmer.  This fact is very good for visitors to Nantucket in any season.

Easy St. Boat Basin

We are also far enough from the coast so that cold/stormy/bad weather often either passes us by or has minimal impact – despite foreboding forecasts about impending torrents.  There is a long list of named storms that (thankfully) passed us by.

So, if you are thinking about a trip to Nantucket, ignore the Weather Channel and go straight to our local source – Nantucket Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum site which has the real local weather and forecasts along with webcams, buoy data, and loads of weather geek information!

See you on Island – Michelle Langlois, the Nantucket Bed and Breakfast Inn accidental innkeeper.