Sailboat rounding Brant Point on a sunny summer’s day It may be too cold right now for sailing round Brant Point Lighthouse – but, at least according to Punxsutawney Phil, spring will be early this year – just around the corner.  Here is the current festival and event calendar for 2013: April 26 – 28 – Daffodil Read More >

First the Plungers rush in – then they rush out! Nantucket’s Thanksgiving Day begins with the “Cold Turkey Plunge” at Children’s Beach when hundreds of stalwart swimmers run into the chilly water – and run right back out again! The Plunge is a fundraiser to benefit the Weezie Children’s Library at the Nantucket Atheneum and Read More >

The Clean Team is a band of Nantucketresidents, both year-round and summer, who meet each Saturday between May and November, rain or shine, and pick up trash for about an hour.  It is amazing, and sometimes disgusting (!) to see the piles of trash that result when a small group of people work together for Read More >

Nantucket is its own little world – one of the neat (or, most of the time neat) things about living here. One of the ‘own little world’ aspects is weather… I am not a weather geek – so the following observations are simply based on having lived on Island for thirteen years. Foliage and Unitarian Read More >

So, you have gotten your dog to “sit”, “stay”, “down” and “leave it” – now you can add “tunnel”, “A-frame”, “ramp”, “weave poles”, and “jump” as you run along side pointing and turning! Dog Agility is more than a fast-growing trend – it is an opportunity for you to work as a team with your Read More >

Dodger at Tupancy Links,sailboats in the distance The Island of Nantucket is nirvana for dogs.  Almost one half of the land on Nantucket is under conservation and there are hundreds of acres that are available for off leash dog walking – Sanford Farms, Tupancy Links, the Gardiner Property, Lost Farm.  NantucketDogWalk has great information on the abundant Read More >

Just a few blocks from the Brass Lantern Inn, there are several new restaurants to try out… If you have been to Nantucket during the past 10 years, you will remember the Even Keel, a popular Main Street restaurant. At any time of the day, you would see people milling about, waiting for their table and Read More >

…that will educate,  inspire and tickle Your funny bone! The Nantucket festival season started with Daffodil Festival in April, Wine Festival in May and Film Festival and the first Book Festival in June – and there are more to come! The five day Nantucket Dance Festival, sponsored by the Nantucket Atheneum, starts on July 23 Read More >

Happy Springtime! Daffodil Festival 2012, which takes place on April 27 – 29, is a wonderful way to welcome springtime with the Brass Lantern Inn Nantucket vacation special!  It is a wacky, wonderful time on Nantucket Island with people wearing daffy-decorated hats and leading daffy-decorated dogs up and down Main Street admiring the 100 plus Read More >

Note to self when planning vacation and travel – think about travel insurance! Anticipating your Nantucket vacation is a great way to while away the late winter days! But, sometimes, ‘life’ gets in the way of the most elaborate plans. You have done your research, chosen (and paid for) the best hotel or inn on Nantucket Island Read More >